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How it works

How it works

Visit us during Staffed hours

New vs used gear

BOTH - mostly NEW with some USED items

New gear is higher-end & curated for best-value; used gear is from our rental program & some donations


Camping, snowsports*, climbing**

*For snowsports, we generally only sell clothing. Some skis & boards are in the used gear sale

**For climbing, we are only selling rope, carabiners, ATCs; shoes & crashpads are only available for rental

How it works

Order online for 24/7 self-service pickup or delivery with no advanced notice required

New vs used gear

NEW (at initial purchase)

We rent the same high-end gear we sell at up to 90% off retail price! We check gear between each use

Starting at $20 to rent a tent, many items for less!


Camping, snowsports***, climbing

***For snowsports, we only rent clothing + snowshoes. We do not carry skis, boards, or boots

How it works

Visit us during Staffed hours

New vs used gear


Donated secondhand gear is available for FREE with an upfront deposit. Generally lower-end gear items






Finding gear that will fit/work over time

(average ~4 hours to research, shop, compare)

Getting exactly what you need for now

(average ~10 min, no risk of being stuck with it)

Spending more or settling

(e.g., buy both a 0 and 30 degree sleeping bag, or settle for a 15 degree?)

Spending less on the exact use

(average savings ~$140 per trip from the diversity of gear we offer)

Maintaining your own gear

(~1 closet to store gear properly, and hours to dry it, stitch it, etc.)

Letting someone else deal with it

(while you can take a nap and enjoy the rest of your after-trip glow)

Owning it

(and sharing with trustworthy friends)

Sharing it

(living with less clutter & being green)

Will you use gear often enough to buy? Use our calculator to see for yourself!

As featured on...

SF Chronicle

Rental sleeping bags, sleeping pads, portable chairs, headlamps

Sara + friends


Rental sleeping bags, sleeping pads, portable chairs

Farrah + Monty


Rental jacket, pants, goggles

Nathan + Jerrod


Expert Advice

We create 2 types of content

  • Protips for general outdoors knowledge (some popular ones above)
  • Gear guides, designed to be the most comprehensive knowledge resource--accessible for beginners yet technical enough for seasoned outdoorsfolks

What gear do you really need for camping?

What clothing do you really need for the outdoors?

The Definitive Half Dome Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Women's Health Outdoors

Gear Guides

In-depth guides on what to use, how to choose, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

These 20 questions address 95% of all inquiries! Thank you for taking 2 minutes to find an answer here, first. You're helping us save time which we then pass back to you as low prices!

What's your mission & philosophy?

Do you sell or buy used gear, or can I rent-to-buy?

Why don't you carry skis, boards, boots, or actual hard goods?

What's the difference between renting & borrowing?

Do I have to rent online first or can I come in-store?

How does 24/7/365 availability & access work?

When do I need to reserve gear by, is short notice OK?

What's your cancellation policy for rentals?

Do you carry ______?

What's the availability & pricing for a given item to rent

Can you bring gear to me or pickup gear from me?

When I rent online is the item pictured exactly what I will get?

How can I be sure a rental item will fit?

Will rental gear be clean & functional?

Can I pickup or return gear earlier or later than I ordered?

Can a friend pickup or return gear for me? How does that work?

Do you charge late fees?

Do you do group orders or offer event services?

Can I change my order?

I'm having an issue with self-service access, how can I get help?

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